Computing Curriculum Team

The aim of computing at Shireland Hall is to equip our children with the tools required to be independent learners and to develop the skills required for later life when working in an ever-increasing technological world. The aim is to further develop their resilience and independence when working on technologies and ensure they do so safely.  

The curriculum is designed for all learners to gain a wealth of knowledge and skills based around technology which they can then take with them into further education, thus increasing their cultural capital and developing the ability to work and thrive in the modern workplace.  Technology is available to a large percentage of our children and as a global growth market, represents a real opportunity for our children to improve their future horizons. 

Teachers have good knowledge of technology and are aware of the dangers surrounding online safety. As a school, we strive for a secure knowledge of online safety for our children and parents to ensure they remain safe online as independent learners.  We understand the pull of social media and aim to keep children safe through online safety lessons, support from our well being mentors and contact with parents which build on the teaching from previous years.