History Curriculum Team

History Curriculum Intent

The study of history inspires children’s curiosity, encourages them to ask critical questions, validate sources of information and enables them to have a better understanding of the society they live in and the wider world around them. 

Our history curriculum is knowledge-rich, with elements of local history developing their understanding of the area they live in. This is vital with such a diverse demographic in school, with many families only recently settling in the Black Country.  

In-depth studies of key figures in recent history will help our pupils understanding of how society as we know it has been formed over time and how humanity has learned from mistakes that have been made.  

Finally, we will undertake a study of a great era of human development from around the world, giving opportunities for children to understand and develop a sense of the present, by understanding the journeys of the past.  This balanced approach is supported by skills that are up-levelled through the years and taught through rich and immersive learning journeys. This wider appreciation of human history and the development of society is vital for supporting our core values at Shireland Hall and helping us to create confident individuals, responsible citizens and successful learners.

History Overview

This link below outlines each year group's areas of study.  One unit concentrates on a local study, while the second and third units look at significant events or civilisations throughout time.

History Assessment Grids

This outlines expectations for each year group in terms of knowledge and skills. Despite teaching a knowledge heavy curriculum, it is imperative that skills are also developed over time in order to allow children to become more established historians.

History Assessment Grid